Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lake Samish Half

There were a lot of events to choose from on Saturday, including the Tiger Mountain Fat Ass 50k, the Bridle Trails 50k, and the Foolish Gerbil 50k up in Vancouver. I'm sure all of these would be good, but then the Seahawks snuck into the playoffs with a losing a record, with the game on at 1:30, and I kind of wanted to catch that. And I sort of ran a 50k last weekend. Plus, my two week cold lingers--and it's pretty bad, probably because I don't let myself heal.

So, I opted instead for my old close-to-home favorite, the Lake Samish Runs. I chose to run the half-marathon, as sort of an internal compromise for not doing any of those other silly races. I really shouldn't play these mental games, but I do, sometimes.

The Lake Samish Runs are put on every year in January by the Greater Bellingham Running Club. Lots of old friends present, which is always a good way to start a Saturday, and the running year. We all get older, but we all keep running. One lap around the lake gets you 6.5 miles, two laps get you a half marathon. I'm not sure where the .1 comes in for the half--maybe it's actually 6.55 around. We had great weather, despite mixed forecasts, and it seemed to me that the turnout was more than I could ever remember. Chip timing--moving on up in the world! As always, thank you volunteers.

Snotdragons captured my nose, and so I was not a good runner. I knew this going in. I just kind of went with it, putting in my due diligence miles and enjoying the beautiful lake and country roads. I got tired pretty quick--I think that's the cold mostly. I was ready to be on lap 2 after 3.5 miles into the run, and starting on to the second lap was a bit tough. These ankles do not favor roads. All that said, I was able to run like a tug boat to the end. Awesome. The End.

I saw Black Swan this week. Whoa--that is some movie! If interested, I'd say catch it in the theaters, or with home surround sound, because music is so essential to the movie. Hoping to catch True Grit soon too--I've heard good things about that one too, and that I should see it in the theater.

And congratulations Seahawks on the greatest upset in playoff history! That was fun to watch.

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Murdoch said...

Nice work Scotty, so you are like Little Toot eh? Great kids book if you haven't read it. Missed you at Bridle Trails today. The trails were in great shape by BT standards and Mike and I managed to cut 15 minutes off of last year's time to retain our title once again, pretty surprising, but turns out Krissy and Dan were just out for a fun run. Lucky for us.
See ya,