Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Washington Monument

Here are some pics from my boat tour last week on the Potomac River, featuring the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument has always seemed a little too lifelike to me, and its red eyes at night are really spooky. You can see the red eyes if you click on the last picture. It's kind of cool how the monument seems to move all over the place--I've had the same experience with it just walking and running around DC. A little creepy, this monument. Respectfully, GW.

This omnipresent effect is probably because it's taller than everything else around. It is also the tallest all-stone structure in THE WORLD, and I now know that it took forty years to build, because of the intervention of the Civil War. The Washington Monument is also featured in the "Rave Run" section of this month's Runner's World, in case you're a runner friend and reading this and dissapointed in me going so off theme with this post. Sorry, I'm a nerd. This creepy monument is much more interesting than my running experiences this week anyway.

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