Sunday, June 20, 2010

Considering Western

Yet another slow weekend for running.  The last couple weeks have included a manic effort to get my back healed for Western, which is next Saturday, as well as a busy time at work. I originally injured my back at the Jemez 50m in New Mexico about a month ago, and it feels like all the muslces in my lower back, right side, and hip and hamstring are all re-finding their place. I've been to the doctor, three times to the chiro, and for massage, and there's been some improvement, but right now WS isn't looking good.  It's been stressful and frustrating, as I've become emotionally invested in the effort.

There's that saying, if the bone ain't showing, keep going. I don't have a snappy rhymie response to that--maybe "if you're hurt, (talk to Bert?)(chirp chirp chirp?)(try to flirt?)(you'll lose your shirt?)--I don't know. Bottom line:  this sucks, because this is Western, because I was ready, because I had an absolutely wonderful team of friends to help, because it'll be years before I get in again, because it does. 

Nonetheless, there's reality. I want to be smart, healthy, and happy, and I want to act like it too. Western is a tough 100 miles. On Saturday, I hung out with my family for Holley's 30th, at Waverly Beach in Kirkland. The obvious became more obvious to me as I talked and hung out with them and their kids. Frankly, my internal debate seemed silly, especially since I don't even know if the whole thing has any room for debate. When I've tested my wheels this week, I've felt sufficient pain to want to stop after running downhill 100 yards. I could run further, but my body clearly was saying walk.

Hanging with the fam, I was reminded of cousin Paul and Terri's back problem histories, my cousin Neal's arm difficulties, cousin Kim's knees. I've been fortunate. A PT friend of Paul's jokingly encouraged me to run, telling me that doctors need patients to pay for their waterfront homes, and he has his own mortgage too--a kind and caring way of urging caution.

I'll keep stretching, and maybe things will turn for the better this week. I hope so, and now I need to leave myself open for that too, since the wind is blowing towards not running. I will definitely go for it if it at all seems realistic. However, right now I foresee myself slowing down, enjoying the summer, hiking in the North Cascades, and giving myself some time to fully heal. There is some comfort to the dissapointment in feeling like I am approaching the whole thing the right way, and I feel like I am.

Dave and Blake

Bryce, Paul and Dan

Aidan and friend, putting rocks in buckets and dropping in the water. Important work.

Neil and proud high school grad Keifer, examining a beer bottle

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