Saturday, June 12, 2010

14 Days

My lucky number is 14. Picked it at age 10 or so, after scoring 14 goals in a soccer season, and 14 was the number on my jersey.  And now, 14 days until the start line for Western. 21 days removed from Jemez, and still hurting in the back. I don't know.  Physically I feel ready, outside of the injury. The rest has probably done me good too. However, the pain is significant.

I saw a chiropractor yesterday. The chiropractor was good, and he is very hopeful about getting me whole. I told my Dad I was going, and he was like, oh, I wouldn't do that.  But it seemed good to me, and many have been pushing me to go. And today my foot is not numb, as it previously has been. But the back hurts. I'll return a few times, maybe see a massage therapist, do my due diligence. Due dilgence is legalspeak for my best.

I really wouldn't be too worried about it, except Western is such a hard race to get into. I am frustrated though, and I am bugged about being bugged about it, and this has been going on for a week or two now, and I'm ready to heal or move on. But I've had this event on my calendar all year, and there have been a lot of evenings and weekends in the hills.

It's like finals, or a big event on the calendar. No matter what you do or don't do, the clock just moves forward until you hit that date, ready or not. And then its done.

Makes me think of Whiskeytown's 16 Days, which for some reason I was thinking was 14 Days. It's a good song. "Ghost has got me running..."

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Murdoch said...

Wtown 16 Days is still very relevant since it will all be behind you in 16 days and 15 of those are nights!