Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend was unaccomplished as far as running goes.  On Friday night, I went up to Raptor Ridge and sat there for a while, looking at the trees, trying to figure out what types of trees were below--spruces, cedars, alders, et al.  I listened to things for a while, and tried to take time to restore my soul, as the saying goes. After Raptor Ridge, I ran around some of the other trails up that way, and then eventually made my way down. I wasn't particularly in to running, and performance wise it was nothing. Great evening, and it even stayed light until after 9:00 PM! Not everything about climate change is bad!

Wait.....ok. I just remember thinking this, and then laughing at myself. Idiot.

Saturday was Western Washington University day for me, which was having a homecoming of sorts. As an alumni board member, I felt obliged to go, as I've missed board meetings recently, and will miss another one  on June 26th, because of a certain event down in Cali that day. So, no 12 hour, Tenderfoot, or backcountry adventure for me. But that's ok--WWU really had it going on Saturday, with 120 some events to choose from. I had a nice breakfast in Old Main's solarium, followed by a plantarium show, a trip to the Farmer's Market, a Huxley 40th anniversary speech by Timothy Egan and Jay Inslee, and then a reception in the library. Iron Man 2 in the evening. Liked it. With so much going on, running took a day off.

Today I planted blueberries in the backyard.  I don't have a green thumb, but I've given them light, some bone meal, some fortified soil, some mulch, and maybe a fighting chance. If they don't make it, that just shows they weren't tough enough to be in my yard. I don't grow pansies. I do hope they make it though--I love blueberries, and northwest Washington is the blueberry capital of the whole wide world.

And now off to run, perhaps, finally.  An off weekend is fine, with Jemez in New Mexico coming next weekend.  Looking foward to next Saturday's long day on new trails, new ecology, with nothing to think about but the trail, my salts, and my eats.  Also looking forward to seeing good friend BJ, Thomas, and Mike too with his new buckle from Massanutten! Not to mention New Mexico. They better have good food in New Mexico.

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