Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday On Blanchard

On Sunday I retreated to a solo run on Blanchard Mountain, near my home. I did two basic loops around the mountain---by the overlook, over Kill Bill Hill, by Lilly and Lizard Lake, the alt-incline trail, and back to the rig. About 18 miles, mixed speeds, with stops to look at things and take pics as I felt like it. And I felt good. Above is the work of a beaver, busy at Lilly Lake. I've been watching this beaver's work for some time now. Below is a picture of a gnawed tree, where you can see the beaver chomp marks. Maybe it's a beaver family. A colder day, no rain, lots of people out. I really enjoyed my time on trail, lost in thought, testing a new Nathan pack, eating coffee GU, nothing pressing.

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