Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ridge Run

I ran the middle 18 of the C-nut course today, slow and horribly.  I was over an hour slower than a couple weeks ago.  I'm never super fast, but sometimes I have days where my legs are very disinterested. They're like dogs that sometimes don't want to play, and you have to pull on the leash to get them going. I didn't pull too hard, and I didn't have plans to run fast anyways. It wasn't miserable out, but it was sort of cold.  I think my trouble was bikram yoga, which I did on Thursday--I really sweat a lot and was totally wiped afterwards. I also put in a fair amount of miles this week. I ran into Doug on the backside, putting up signs for C-nut next weekend. On the ridge, I kind of got stuck on the question of whether Honky Cat, by Elton John, is politically incorrect. I was trying to remember the lyrics, but I don't think people from the country want to be called honky cats, but maybe that was ok in the 1970s. I really don't mind too much.


Murdoch said...

Hey man, at least you answered the important question!
Is that a photo of chinscraper? I think I'm looking forward to it, but I'll have to see next week.
See you there.

Scotty said...

You'll do great, I'm sure! Pic is of the ridge trail--can't remember where, but near a cliff.