Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mount Baker Full Moon Snowshoe Attempt

This is a bit of old news, but last Sunday night we did our fourth annual full moon snowshoe hike on Mount Baker.  Unfortunately, a thin layer of cloud cover made things difficult.  When the sky is clear in the middle of winter, with a full moon, the snow will glow an eerie pink.  Still, we had the biggest crew yet, and a lot of fun tromping around in the snow. The snow pack is way down this year, and it shows.  We made it up to Artist Point, and caught the moon rising over Shuksan, but bailed when the clouds somewhat obscured things.

Dean and Ruth were the chief organizers. Dan and Linda made it out--awesome. Other gamers included Bryce, Nancy, Sharon, Ginger, Krista and Ruby. Vince and Frank from the Skagit Valley Herald came along too, and published a terrific recreation story on Thursday, with full page pictures, much better than these.   

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