Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Academy Awards are on.  I can't think of a better time to update my blog. They're ok I suppose, but I don't know any of the movies except for Avatar. 

Yesterday I ran the Run for the Honeywagon Half Marathon, an almost annual tradition. This is a half in Everson, Washington, just south of the Canadian border, on farm roads. I do it almost every year, but last year I skipped out to run the Invest In Youth Fund Run, which I want to support, and has more miles. However, I missed seeing my GBRC friends and my little tradition, and as a footnote, I don't care that the Honeywagon is not a 50k or more--not the point for me. 

So, I was on the fence about which to do this time around. That all figured itself out, as on Friday night I went and saw Alice in Wonderland at the Pacific Science Center on IMAX--SOOO COOL--and didn't get home until 1 AM, after hanging out with the cousins. The Honeywagon starts at 10 AM, the Fund Run at 8 AM. The decision was not hard come bedtime.

Saturday's weather was drop dead gorgeous, with the Canadian mountains clearly visible in the not-too far north, and fields of blueberry bushes tied up for the winter. I was pleased with my run. I was tired, didn't eat well the night before, took a bunch of pictures, but finished strong in 1:43, without really pushing too hard, though I had a clip. That's about 8 minutes faster than a couple months ago. Every day is different with me, so who knows, but I feel like I'm improving a bit. I didn't see as many GBRC friends as usual, and friend Brad missed out this year, but I hung with Bryan, Ray and Charles a bit afterwards. Vicki was sporting a very nice Rocky Raccoon buckle.

I had blueberry pancakes at Nina's on the way out of Everson--very very worthwhile. Big fan of the small town breakfast. 

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