Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Movies of the Decade Vol. 1

It was a bad decade for movies. A limited amount of truly amazing movies. Art takes time, people. Or genius. Maybe luck too. I had a tough time remembering what I watched nine years ago, and so I got help at Metacritic. My list is heavy on movies which made a clear impression, even if they sort of sucked otherwise. If I still remember them, they have a shot at being on this most exclusive list. Sorry Lord of the Rings—you may be good, but the memories give me headaches. Orcs and wizards and such. But New Zealand, I want to visit you.

The Official Top 10 Movies of The Decade, Vol. 1:

10. Zoolander. Blue Steel.

9. The Valley of Elah. Get the troops home, soon.

8. Let The Right One In. Best Swedish vampire movie ever. What trips me out here is whether the older guy was Oskar once upon a time.

7. The Dark Knight. I didn’t really like this—when the hospital blows up, I felt like it celebrated terrorism a bit much. But this movie has wow factor through the roof.

6. Anchorman. Ron Burgundy, newsman.

5. Kill Bill Vol. 2. Women with swords.

4. No Country For Old Men. Mean people at the border.

3. Touching the Void. Two guys go out to climb a mountain and get into a scrape to end all scrapes.

2. Grizzly Man. Surfer guy hangs out with Alaskan grizzlies, eventually gets eaten.

1. Almost Famous. Best lines, hands down. “It’s all happening!” “I’m on drugs.” “I am a golden god!” “Call me if you need a rescue.”

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