Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seattle Marathon

We had good marathon weather today. It was probably 45 degrees or so, overcast but temperate, little wind except heading west on the I-90 bridge, and no rain except on the drive down. I ran a 3:57. I seem to have a way with Seattle of just doing enough to come under four hours each year. Not particularly fast, but four hours is sort of a benchmark I like to keep up as the years go by. This was my seventh Seattle in a row, and ninth overall. I ran a 1:56 first half and a 2:01 second half, which is about even on this course, since the second half has many more hills. The pavement is not my thing, but I keep signing up. I did fine aerobically, rarely breathing hard, but the pounding was tough on me. I miss the Ivar's clam chowder afterwards.
On to other adventures. I hope to stay busy this winter, maybe focus a bit more on fitness and diet, get out in the snow, and start next year better than this past year. I haven't been too happy with my running this year, even though I know I've done a lot of cool things. My favorite runs have been backcountry non-events. I'm hoping to pick an event or dream up an adventure that I can spend a few months training and looking forward to.

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