Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baker Lake 50k

The Baker Lake report, circa 2009:

Sunshine, all day long
Fresh snow on the hills
The blood red harvest moon
Best shirt of the year, with a bear on it, even
The milky turquoise color of the lake--see above
Mount Baker, the volcano, in full view-see below
Snow on Baker’s flanks
The blog report which manages to say “milky turquoise,” “blood red,” and “flanks” in the first few bullet points
Volunteers risking their lives and their limbs at “bridge out” Hidden Creek
The impromptu all you can eat spaghetti dinner at the Skagit Co-op on Friday night
Friends everywhere, all day, coming, going--it's an out and back
Mike decided to run the night before, and ran well
Moss, draping limbs, covering logs, rocks—very mossy
Terry and Shawna won, a week after Hood.
6:47 for me. Probably should’ve stayed out longer.
A parade of mushrooms: big, small, red, yellow, two tones. Made me think of the Legend of Wooley Swamp.
Subway Sandwiches and coffee for all finishers! And cake too!
Stanley’s “garden” vegetables
Prizes! I won a Nathan pack!

Shorter, twitter report---WOW!!

Really, the weather was really really good this year. Maybe better than really good, since I packed for rain. We were fortunate. Everyone was happy, and many hung around a long time afterwards. Baker Lake is my favorite ultra, period. I’ve done it more than any other, and I expect I’ll be back most years, even if I need a cane. Thank you Shawn M. and Company!


Tanner Phillips (Tanana Phillips) said...

Oh man, now I am even more pumped up for this, my 2nd ultra...I have read a couple of your other posts and just found this one...really good and motivating words man...I am sure I will see you out there in a couple weeks. I will be one of those slow guys smiling in the back of the pack...:-)


Scotty said...

Hey Tanner--I think this is a great pick for a second ultra! or twentieth...Hope to see you! I'm never in the front of the pack myself, so there's a good chance!