Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Pioneer's Search

"A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home" is a classic Washington State pioneer story by Phoebe Judson, who with her husband was the first settler of Lynden, Washington, which is sort of in my neck of the woods. Phoebe and her husband traveled to the northwest in a wagon on the Oregon Trail, homesteaded, warred and then made friends with the natives, and lived off the land. It's really a terrific book, and describes much of the pre-settler ecology of the area. For example, wolves used to run wild in Lynden, and cougars were everywhere. I'm posting about the book now, because I just happened to learn that it is posted for free in it's entirety at the Washington State Secretary of States's site. The site is dedicated to Washington State history, and includes all sorts of interesting Washington State letters and writings.

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