Sunday, August 23, 2009

In The News

The Seattle Times published two front page feature articles on the North Cascades in the past couple weeks. One article concerns the pika, which is currently being considered for threatened listing under the Endangered Species Act. (While they're at it, they should list the glaciers, which are melting away more and more every year.) Pika is apparently pronounced "pike-a". A little girl corrected me last weekend--I thought it was "peek-a"-- kids know too much. The pika is sort of like a tiny rabbit, although I've always sort of associated them with marmots, because they both live in the high country. The other article, also by Lynda Mapes, is on wildflowers. Along with the articles, the Times posted a nice four minute "virtual hike." Links below.

Feds Review Mountain Dwelling Pika for Threatened Species List


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