Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ptarmigan Ridge

I left the office early on Friday and headed up to Artist Point, above the Mount Baker ski area. Artist Point opened very early this year due to the good weather we've been having. It was evening, but I got a chance to hike out to Ptarmigan Ridge and a bit of the Chain Lakes trail. This is a spectacular location, as gorgeous as anywhere. I pretended to run, but I didn't have it. The Chain Lakes loop would make a great run. I haven't had it all week--I've felt a bit off/ill since coming back from the Rockies. I think it's part fatigue from last weekend's effort, but more the switch in altitude again.
I was often reminded of the North Cascades when I was in Colorado. We have more snow and glaciers, even if we're several thousand feet lower. Also, the occasional volcano. Otherwise, many of the high elevation valleys looked similar. I spotted 30 goats on Friday about a half mile away coming back on Ptarmigan Ridge. I think I've seen them there before, but its been a few years. Hike about a half mile in, before the trail junction for the Ridge and Chain Lakes, and look to the left across the valley on the hillsides. They looked like snow patches at first. I think they're regulars.
I'm doubtful for White River, unless I get inspired mid-week. In fact, I'm not sure how my running is going to go over the next month, as I have several weekend things, but Cascade Crest is looming out there, and I'd like to finish that one. But, I need balance, not burn out--just chill, I suppose. I'm thinking of possibly doing Devil's Dome-42 miles--in the North Cascades in a couple weeks, or maybe Stormy up in Squamish. I also have to fit trail work in the next few weekends.


Mount Shuksan

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