Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My friend BJ was in Seattle this week, up from San Diego. BJ and I went to school together back in the day, and last year trained and ran Wasatch. This year we're planning on doing the North Face 50m in Bellingham/Skagit this June. So, today, I took the proverbial long lunch, and we previewed the course a bit, running the Chuckanut Ridge trail, down the triple diamond chinscraper, and then down Fragrance. BJ actually put in a couple hours before that too. Great run with a great friend. We'll be back at it in June.
And....we found a snake!! Poor was sort of cold and lethargic, not too smart, sitting in the middle of the ridge trail, and then I come along. It wasn't rock solid like the one I found in the snow last year, but it's probably owl meat it doesn't get its act together. As it was, I insisted that we both do Fear Factor pictures. Take that Rogan.
Also...I was a bit saddened today to hear that Marvin Webster died. Marvin was a key member of the Sonics 1978 championship team, and his nickname was the Human Eraser, because he blocked shots. It's a real 70s nickname, and he was a real 70s player. Any kid growing up in DC or Seattle, and I grew up in both, would emulate him on the court, or maybe the Big E, or Unseld, or Downtown Freddie Brown, since the Sonics and Bullets played two years in a row in the championships. They didn't have cable tv back then, so championship basketball and nicknames were a big deal. Marvin was 56, and even as the reports say, I remember him to be a really cool personality. Hadn't thought of the Human Eraser in a while, but sorry to see him leave so early.

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