Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Daze

I went down to Green Lake this morning to run the Dizzy Daze 50k, which is ten laps around the outer rim of Green Lake. I did this run last year and liked it. I like running the laps, checking my time each time around, talking with folks. Today was not my day, though. The rain was relentless. Stupid stupid rain. I am so sick of rain. And it was a cold rain too. Puddles were everywhere, and there were places on the loop where cars drive by and spray you. I felt like Ben Stiller at the low point of one of his movies. Just pathetic. I wisely stopped after four laps, and the fourth lap was mostly walking. I just did not have it, physically, mentally or equipment wise. I was full of the blahs. No need for overanalysis. It was miserably rainy and I wasn't into being wet and cold or performing feets of strength and moxie. Props to those who did soldier on, some curiously enjoying it. You are amazing. Still, for me--I felt pure uncensored satisfaction after quitting, when I walked into Starbucks and got my warm severance latte. Basketball on the couch this afternoon could not have been better.
I don't have sponsors, so I can tell the truth about my equipment. My rag wool gloves sucked. They didn't repel any water. My fingers were so frozen that I couldn't turn on the ignition of my car after the run. I wasn't that impressed with my Marmot Precip either--I bought this jacket hoping it would keep me dry in the most rainy of trail running conditions. It is supposedly endorsed by Noah--"40 days, 40 nights! Me and my Precip!"--but Noah never lived in Seattle. The precip seemed to work last year during NB2V, but I got soaked today, and I was not toasty. Not feeling the love. I do like Marmot though, and I might've put it on too late, and there was a bit of operator error with the hood, which if you know me, is not surprising--note the rag wool comment earlier. Still, it's a "Precip" and so I can have expectations. Also, I didn't realize it was a big deal at the time, but my new New Balance shoes sucked. I limped all afternoon due to lack of arch support on my left foot. New Balance eats space monkies. I guess Team New Balance won't be calling me.
I was planning on doing Whidbey tomorrow, but I'm not up for it, which is dissapointing, but I have to listen to my body, heart, and mind, and this is just not a weekend for me to be running long distances, particularly in bad weather. I probably will be doing Sun Mountain in a couple weeks, although there is a part of me which is thinking maybe I should do some 10ks. Or maybe take up a new hobby, like extreme stamp collecting. This sort of thinking is a sure sign that I need to just back off a bit, but I really think what is going on is I just want some sun and probably just a few less events.

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