Saturday, January 17, 2009

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth, artist, passed away this week, at the full age of 91. He was one of the first modern day artists I ever heard of, and I really like his work. He's an inspiration, as it has always been fascinating to me some of the great ones are very much alive, whether it be musicians, writers, painters. There is so much to celebrate in life. Wyeth's paintings are set on the east coast, where I grew up, and many of them, like Christina's World above, have persons set in large fields with distant buildings or objects, seeming to communicate a certain nothingness and the subject's humble yet beautiful place in the world. Christina had polio, and is picking flowers. I don't know if Wyeth was a happy person or not, but he is considered by many one of the greatest artists of the last century, and I find his work easy to identify with and inspirational, in its own way.

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