Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

"Cross training"

(Quotation marks because I'm not so good, and so I never felt like it was much of a workout. Still, I made it out and about Mount Vernon twice this week. The first night was spectacular, with arctic sky conditions, shifting grays and blues in the clouds, and crisp air. The second trip, not so much, with sand on the snow on the backroads even, but it was fun trying just the same. This picture sort of has a Mark Rothko thing going on. Or maybe I wish. I like it.)

Kulshan Trail, near home and looking much more woodsy than it is.

Woodpecker on the tree in my front yard--requires clicking to see. Red breasted sapsucker, I think. Someone once told me they get drunk on sap and then have sex.

Camera chills out.



Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty,
I've enjoyed catching up on your running adventures. Keep up the good blogulations for the new year. I see that they cancelled the Lake Samish Run this weekend. Bummer. I got in 10.5 yesterday to see how I might feel after Bridle Trails, or more like to see if it's doable at this point for me. It will be a challenge for sure and doable if my hip flexors hold out. Looking forward to it. Blog on!

Scotty said...

Hey Aaron--I don't know if you'll stop by and check this, but I hope so! You'll be fine on Bridle Trails, probably sandbagging even!--I'm looking forward to hanging out. Blogging's been good--barely anyone stumbles in here, except a few friends I mention it too. I was skeptical about blogging, but had a goal last year to get more up on technology, and this was one way. I was worried it would seem like I'm promoting me, but that's not it at all, and barely sees it anyway. I've found it worthwhile and kept it up every few weeks b/c I like keeping track of adventures--the new slide show I suppose, with writing--and it helps me set and chase goals. I'll keep it up as long as it stays all good. Next week!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog. Seems like a good way to keep a Journal. I've always thought of starting one, but from my dog Murdoch's perspective. Kind of like Murdoch's take on life if he could talk, of course I'd have much influence on what he had to say.
See you on Saturday,