Monday, November 3, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon

I did so much in Virginia over the past 10 days or so, that I think I'm going to toss up a few posts. Starting with the USMC Marathon. The pics tell the story--lots of sites to see, big crowd. The marathon was fun, my second one. I started late--it took me at least ten minutes just to cross the starting line. Once I got going, it was a dodge and swerve thing, jogging mostly, through a cattleherd, stopping to take lots of pictures, and to pass out campaign literature. I had no intention on taking this race seriously. I called home, which the folks got a kick out of--"No one's ever called us during a marathon!!!"--well...imagine that! There I go, representing in the gene pool. My biggest regret is I didn't stop at the hot dog or falafel stands. One of my favorite race stories is buying fried chicken at a corner store with my friend Steve and eating it during Bloomsday, circa 1992. That was cool. This was one of those races. DC is made for it, with so many great sites to see. I ran the final ten miles or so, to keep my time under 4:30, b/c something in me refused to commit to the really large time. Whatever, I still hurt afterwards, and I am officially not into pavement much anymore.

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