Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finding Lake Samish

I went exploring Saturday, and found my way from Larrabee to Lake Samish, and back. Good rain the whole way. I'm not sure if I took the typical course--I started at the Clayton Beach parking lot, took a right on a gated trail about a mile up off the Fragrance Lake Road, and ran that road out until it turned to trail. It was a four and half hour adventure, and I had to scratch arrows in the DNR trails and roads to find my way back. But it worked. It's a steep drop into the Samish basin, and I think this run would be better started from Samish, so you could run to the sea and back. My turnaround point was Samish Park, the start point for the Samish runs. The park had water and bathrooms, which was perfect. There were great views of the Skagit flats and the San Juans going up. I saw a big buck, a big frog, a dead rabbit (which might've been a cougar kill), two herons, some wild doves, and I found a bunch of wild raspberries, which I ate. The End.

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