Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night

This was a very uneventful running weekend for me. I will not be inspiring anyone with this post. (Well, duh.) I got an email from a friend who said he did Capitol Peak, and there was snow which made it tough for a while. Props to the Peak People. I ran a solid hour and a half Thursday, with five Silly Hill repeats. Felt pretty good. On Friday I skipped running, and me and a friend sort of got caught up in this SWAT thing in Bellingham, which was a bad idea after the fact. Saturday was yard day--I planted things, and put bird seed out and got some pet squirrels. Then I decided I wanted to do some Urban Running, and check out Landscaping and Home Designs of Mount Vernon. That worked for a while--it was sunny out, and a lot of old people were telling me Good Job. I spent a couple hours in the gym on Sunday and watched Felix blow a gem of a game--they really should have taken him out--and I read 10 magazines. I also cooked some black eyed peas and red chard in the crock pot, with soba noodles, and listened to the Golden Oldies country station. So...I didn't run 8 hours this weekend, but I feel I got the spirit of it. Photo is a sunset over the Skagit, which I caught on the way home one evening this week. Registered for the Marine Corps Marathon with 5 other Skagit people this week--should be fun. Thinking about doubling up with Mount Masochist in Virginia the following weekend.

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