Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cutting Corners at Lord Hills

"It has spoken, it has told us the way!" --Pink Unicorn.

I cut a corner today at Lord Hills on the second lap, and suddenly found myself up by the leaders. I needed a magical Leopluridon, to show me the way. All my fault. And Dr. Rob's, who was running with me. We were yapping away, and just missed a turn. This is not the first time the two of us have gotten lost while running together. Pretty sad, considering we'd already ran the first lap correctly. I called it a day at 19.5 miles.

Lord Hills is a regional park near Snohomish. There were roughly 100 runners, some doing one lap of 10.5 miles, some doing three. The woods were gorgeous, and the running weather was perfect. The course includes one big hill. A Bellingham contingent made it down, including Al Coyle, Chuck Dooley, Chuck Snyder and Wes McCain. A good way to start Super Bowl Sunday.

The really big news of the day was my friend BJ and I lotteried into the Wasatch Front 100 in September. The race is in Utah, with 26k in elevation gain, at high altitudes, and so it will be tough. Still, I have friends who have done it, and I'm sure it will be an adventurrrrre.

Special thanks to niece Maresa for turning me on to Charlie the Unicorn, the most annoyingly brilliant youtube video available today:

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