Monday, February 11, 2013

Eagles in Edison

Saturday mornings in February are just grand in the Skagit.  Got up a little late, grabbed a cup of coffee at S. Bucks, and drove up Chuckanut for a hike/run in the C-nuts.  A misty morning--good conditions to be out.  Ran into Grant and his brother in different spots, and a few others, all training for Chuckanut.  While not a good run for me, it wasn't horrible either.  I managed to run all the way down without having to pull up.

The highlight of the morning were the eagles in Edison.  About a half mile past Edison, on the Farm to Market Road, there were about 50 eagles in the trees above the slough.  The picture captures one group, but there were groups like this in several trees.  Presumably, they are feeding off a salmon run.

I saw that the painter Alden Mason passed away this past week. His work is in the Seattle Art Museum and other galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest and points farther.  I was taken once by a painting of his of the Skagit Valley, where I understand he has ties. RIP Alden

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