Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding in Virginia

This weekend took me back to Virginia for my sister’s wedding, and a brief hot August visit with the family.  I am thrilled for my younger sister and her new husband, a very nice gentleman.  The wedding was a sterling affair in a nice country club in Haymarket, which just happens to be near Bull Run, where I ran a 50 miler earlier this year. 

The trip was a whirlwind for me, a test of endurance really, coming off strep throat.  I took a redeye flight on Jet Blue Friday evening, and then returned to northwest on Monday.  The flight path was abominable, though the best price, connecting through Long Beach, California.  It took something like 14 hours, door to door.  I liked Jet Blue, as they had real-time Direct TV in every seat.  I watched NFL football traveling each way, and managed to knock out a book too.

August is really not the best time of year to visit Virginia.  Weather was hot, humid, with occasional thunder and lightning storms.  The evenings are wonderful though, with the sounds of crickets and frogs outside, lightning bugs too, and the air just seems to relax a bit, after a tough day. The day of the wedding, the possibility of more storms was forecast, but fortunately never materialized.  The wedding itself was beautiful.  Great to see the family, even for such a brief time. 

Regarding running, I am reminded of when the great Kenny Rogers sang, "I need to drop in to see what condition my condition is in.”  I haven't ran in two weeks, due to a hamstring injury, strep throat, and travel.  It's been a tough time.  Somehow or another, I’ve managed to do 10+ events this year, and I know I need a break. Moreover, my hamstring is bugging me bad.  Even now, sitting here, I can feel tightness behind my knee. 

As for the fast-approaching Cascade Crest, I’d say I'm doubtful, but I'm still chewing on it a bit. I'm more inclined to focus on getting healthy for Annapurna in September. Still, the race is paid for, gorgeous and amazing, and so I'll leave it on the stove for now.

And, is summer gone already? What happened??  I’ll probably do something interesting this weekend, perhaps Sahale Arm, just to try to find the high country.

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