Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strep Throat

At this moment, I am watching Rambo: First Blood 2.  John Rambo: "To survive war, you have to become war."  I've been watching a lot of television this past week.  I had never heard of this show, Matchmaker Millionaire, but I've seen my share of episodes now. Also, it seems like America's Got Talent is on every single night. That's some high quality programming. I like those dance people who glow in the dark like a Lite-Brite Board. Professor Splash is a nut.

I have strep throat, as might be discerned by the title above. Came down with it maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday after White River.  First it was just a swelling of the gland. A perturbance. But then on Wednesday afternoon it got so I couldn't focus, and I probably had a fever. It felt like I had broken glass in my throat. Couldn't eat a thing; drinking water hurt. I went to the doctor the next day; diagnosis made; antibiotics prescribed.

I got better, but the antibiotics didn't work as well as expected. After a tough weekend, I went in to the doctor again on Monday.  Finally, I got the right medicine, and now seem somewhat whole. I've lost about 9 pounds this week. Probably wouldn't hurt my running to stay sick another week, at that rate.

What a weekend of great weather and outdoor doings to miss though. Rich and Mike doing a ring-around Mt. St. Helens on the Loowit Trail, always a dream of mine.  Scott K. summiting Rainier. Terry and company putting on God's Country 50k out in Anacortes. I saw Joe and Shawna made it up Thornton Lake.

Me meanwhile, I know Matchmaker Millionaire. Also saw Up and The Eagle, fwiw. Up is cute.  The Eagle--not so good.

It is interesting though, to sit in a doctor's office.  You fill out the paperwork, show them the benefits card, make the co-pay.  You sit in the lobby, with all the other sick people.  Then they call you to a room, and shut the door. All this sterile stuff everywhere. Blood pressure, ear temperature taking machine. Eventually the doctor.

My point is, going to the doctor's office is sort of a stop and look around thing for me. Getting sick doesn't have to be a negative. It helps remind me of how good it is to be healthy.  I hope I can stay healthy and continue to do those things I like to do, and adjust in a graceful manner as I age.

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