Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cascade DNS

Beautiful August weekend in the Pacific Northwest. I was supposed to be running Cascade Crest today, but I chose not to start.  My left hamstring and the tendons behind that knee do not seem up to it. I left the decision a bit open until the end, but it's kind of the obvious smart move. For the last four years I've spent this weekend over in Easton, either volunteering or running, and so it is a bit odd to stay home.

Lots of friends are up at Cascade today. My best to all of you, running or volunteering.

This morning I went up Chuckanut, hiking, just to kind of stretch things out. A big owl swooped me, and then perched in a tree, checking me out. The picture above is not so good--bad lighting--but if you look closely you can see the flash caught the eye of the owl, so that it has red eye.


Scott Tomchick said...

DNS? According to the website you finished 48th in 27:41:24. It must have been your alter running ego running.


Scotty said...

Hey Scott! Not sure what happened there. I imagine it'll get cleaned up in the official results. Someone ran well in my name!