Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Owls

Summer has been late to arrive this year, with the furnace still kicking in occasionally in June.  The weather was pretty nice tonight, though, and I decided I'd try to jog/run/move on my feet, on the horse trails behind Padden, despite my injury, or maybe because of it, and out of frustration to get out there. In any case, the run started out ok, but the pain is still localized, and it was frustrating, inasmuch as the rest of the body wanted to go, but there was a quite obvious pain to deal with.

I backed off.  After a mile, I turned to walking the trails. Moving slower, I came upon an owl sitting in a tree, 12 feet above the trail, the tree right next to the trail.  This is by the log that crosses the trail that you go under, after the big mud puddle pit. I started whistling at the owl, and he or she hissed and whistled back, cocking head while doing so. This went on for a while.

Soon, I recognized the same sort of hiss whistle to my left as well, and sought to locate the second owl, which I knew was there. Found the owl. After a while though, I honed in on a third distinct whistle. This one took longer to spot, but eventually I found it higher in a tree fifteen yards off. 

So, if I was a clock, the first owl was at 1:00, the second at 7:00, and the third at 9:00. The furthest away was 15 yards. Surrounded by three owls, in the same spot. That's a record for me.

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