Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winner Winner!

The last 24 hours have been incredible. I'm finally a WINNER! I never win races. All the fast people lap me, most with smiles. But now I've got my own hardware. Last night in my mailbox I found a package from Runner's World, with a sterile form letter, saying I had won the Unofficial Runner's World Send Us Some Mail and You Might Win Some Crap Uncontest. Seriously, I saw that they wanted mail, so I sent them an unused German Christmas card that I had sitting around, and it must've turned some heads, because I got the best prize of all....the Adidas/Kellogg's Snap Crackle Pop! Pedometer, found last year in a box of Apple Jacks. Happy day!! Here's a bunch more information from the world wide web--


As if that weren't enough, Paul H. from Adventures NW magazine--a terrific local magazine on all things outdoors--sent me an email this morning saying that I won a free entry into the Whidbey Island Marathon. Right on! I did the inaugural Whidbey way back when, but haven't been back--this will fit right in with things. This just shows--if I can be a winner, anyone can be a winner! Just keep chasing your dreams!

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