Sunday, February 1, 2009


I won the lottery! I'm in Hardrock! The odds were totally against it, and I'm a bit dumbfounded, as I really didn't expect to get in, as much as I'd like to take this challenge on. I entered because I know the run is one I want to do in my life, I was qualified, and it seemed like a natural next challenge for me. Plus I've never spent time in Colorado. The terrain is simply amazing--gorgeous, high Rocky mountain running. The run includes a 14k peak, 33k in elevation gain, all at an average elevation of 11k--it's tough. Here's the site if this all prompts interest--- And be sure to check out the pictures--it is truly some of the most beautiful high country in the world. I was very lucky. The weighted lottery system the race organizers use heavily favors veteran participants and prior applicants--the first time applicant is sort of like a freshman in high school--little respect. And I totally respect that. Well, the freshman got in! I feel a tad awkward about it all, because there are some incredible runners on the wait list--my best wishes to all.

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