Saturday, March 1, 2008

Run For The Honeywagon

Brad S. and I ran the Honeywagon Half Marathon on Saturday, in Everson, still Washington State. Everson is next to the Canadian border. I figure, based on the Pythagorean Theorem, that Everson is the square root of 72 miles northeast of Bellingham, as the eagle flies. If you took a wrong turn on this course, you might end up in Canada, illegally. I was extra careful this week, in light of recent history.

Brad and I have been running this race for years. We've probably done it six or seven times. In the past, we've pushed his kids with hi-tech strollers. He did most the pushing. I think Brad is a former professional soccer player--I know he coached soccer at Western. Anyway, he's as fast as he wants to be. He keeps it slow for me, probably so he can hear my keen political insights. Brad is conservative, I am liberal, we are both lawyers--at the Honeywagon, we try to reach across the aisle. Everyone in DC should run the Honeywagon. The topic du jour was McCain v. Obama v. Hillary. Anymore, I'm a maverick for liking Hillary.

We ran ok. We finished in 1:52. We probably could've knocked 10 minutes off that--maybe 20 for Brad, but we were just running steady sub-9s, chattering, solving global conflicts. The goal was to be comfortable and steady--we did that, and we finished strong, without kicking. We saw three eagles--that rocked. One was in a tree above a huge eagle nest--Brad spotted the nest, and I spotted the eagle, from roughly a half mile away. I therefore eagle eyed the eagle. Isn't that nice? We ran right under it, and a couple others. BIG BIRDS. Also, we met two really friendly dogs who were playing in the road.

Everson is berry country. Whatcom County is one of the world's foremost producers of blueberries and raspberries. Seriously. I'm not making this up. I snapped a few shots of the berry fields--there's something all right about open skies, berries tied, awaiting spring. This is just a beautiful time of year to be up that way. Afterwards, I ate at Nina's, one of those hometown type breakfast places, with good butter and pancakes. Tomorrow, the fantasy baseball draft. I'm getting all sorts of important stuff done this weekend.

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